FERIT workshop "Complete IoT solution for continuous monitoring of fields and crops"

The research team of the IoT-field project held a workshop "Complete IoT-solution for continuous monitoring of fields and crops" for interested representatives from the ICT sector on Tuesday, June 27, 2023 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Information Technologies Osijek.

The workshop informed and familiarized interested representatives of companies from the ICT sector with the technical details of the newly developed complete IoT solution, which includes a hardware sensor node and a software platform for continuous monitoring of fields and crops. The presented platform includes a sensor part for real-time collection of agrometeorological data, a part for reliable data transmission and storage, a part for data processing and analysis, and an application for interaction with the end user.

Prof. Drago Žagar, Ph.D. initially gave a brief overview of the project results achieved through a series of project activities realized during the implementation of the project. He particularly clarified the contributions by which the developed IoT-solution can improve the concept of "smart" agriculture, and thus increase the profitability of agricultural production through increasing the quality and quantity of yields, while simultaneously reducing costs (reducing the consumption of water, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides). Prof. Mario Kušek, Ph.D. introduced the gathered in more detail to the structure and way of working of the IoT-platform for applications in smart agriculture, explaining how data collection works, their transmission, processing and storage on servers. Josip Spišić, M.Sc. spoke about the technical details of the performance of sensors for collecting agrometeorological data and data on the state of crops in real time (developed within the project). Vlatko Galić, Ph.D. pointed out and explained the importance of real-time data collected from the field for agricultural production. Ivan Kralj, M.Sc. presented a mobile application for monitoring the condition in the field and allowed those interested to try out its functionalities.

List of held presentations (in Croatian, available in the repository):