SST Osijek 2022

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, the research team of the IoT-field project held the workshop "Smart technologies for sustainable agriculture" within the SST 2022 scientific meeting in Osijek.

Through the workshop, research results, developed technologies and solutions in the field of smart agriculture at the national level were presented, along with a discussion of current research topics in the field of precision agriculture based on data. The workshop was held in English.

Smart technologies for sustainable agriculture are already applied by agricultural producers, but they are not sufficiently connected with the professional, academic, research and business community in Croatia. The lectures demonstrated the significant research and educational potential of Croatia in the field of digital agriculture. In the discussion, the need to support digitization in agriculture with national measures of competent state bodies was expressed, which would connect private and public advisors, the scientific community and Croatian farmers.

The following presentations were held at the workshop:

  • Josip Spišić, Ana Pejković, Matko Zrnić, Višnja Križanović, Krešimir Grgić and Drago Žagar 
    • LoRaWAN parameters optimization for efficient communication (presentation)
  • Krunoslav Tržec, Mario Kušek and Ivana Podnar Žarko 
    • Building an Interoperable IoT Ecosystem for Data-Driven Agriculture (presentation)
  • Dario Stuhne, Ivo Vatavuk, Ivan Hrabar, Goran Vasiljević and Zdenko Kovačić 
    • Automated Suckering of Vines with a Mobile Robot and a Torque-controlled Suckering Tool (presentation)
  • Krešimir Grgić, Luka Balić, Višnja Križanović and Drago Žagar 
    • An example of indoor positioning possibility using WiFi network and mobile phone ​​​​​​​(presentation)
  • Dora Krekovic and Ivana Podnar Žarko 
    • Prediction of Microclimate Parameters for Application in Precision Agriculture ​​​​​​​(presentation)
  • Domagoj Šimić, Vlatko Galić, Josip Spišić, Maja Mazur, Tatjana Ledenčan and Zvonimir Zdunić
    • Field-Based High-Throughput Phenotyping Using Newly Developed Proximal Sensor Device ​​​​​​​(presentation)
  • Monika Zovko
    • Sensory Monitoring and Modeling of Temporal and Spatial Phenomena in Agroecosystems (Invited talk) ​​​​​​​(presentation)
  • Andrijana Rebekić
    • Digitalization in Agriculture - What Competencies Agronomist Needs (Invited talk) ​​​​​​​(presentation)
  • Vlatko Galić
    • Digitizing the In-Field Agro-Ecological Reality - Goals, Achievements, Pitfalls (Invited talk) ​​​​​​​(presentation)