PIO workshop "Precision agriculture and continuous data collection from the field"

The research team of the IoT-field project held a workshop titled "Precision agriculture and continuous data collection from the field" for interested agricultural producers/owners of OPGs on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, at the Osijek Agricultural Institute.

The workshop educated agricultural producers, experts and the scientific public about the possibilities of applying information and communication technology and networked devices in agriculture with the aim of increasing the efficiency of land use and reducing the negative impacts of climate change on the yields and quality of crops of strategic importance for Croatia. Through presentations by researchers, the participants were introduced to the details of the hardware and software solutions for monitoring crop conditions and environmental parameters in real time, which were developed during the three-year project activities.

Project leader, prof. Ivana Podnar Žarko, Ph.D. gave an account of the activities carried out aimed at collecting a large amount of data from the field, analyzing and presenting this data to farmers in real time on a mobile device via a simple application. The project networked commercial agrometeorological stations that record parameters from the ground and from the air, and the devices are located at two locations in Osijek and in Tovarnik and Zagreb. For the purpose of collecting data, a new sensor node was developed that, based on wavelengths, evaluates the functionality of plants in the field and shows whether the plant is under stress. This innovative solution helps the farmer in monitoring critical periods in plant development and applying timely agrotechnical measures. The technology for transferring agrometeorological data from the field in real time was explained by Matko Zrnić, M.Sc., and associate professor Domagoj Šimić, Ph.D. concluded that data in agricultural production is collected for precise prediction of plant development, agricultural techniques and yield. With modern machine learning techniques, all data is useful and is collected as much as it is available. Vlatko Galić, Ph.D. spoke about the level of readiness of technology, the current state and perspectives for the developed ecosystem, and Ivan Kralj, M.Sc., presented a developed mobile application for monitoring conditions in the field.

The workshop was covered by the media: AgroklubGlas Slavonije, Hrvatski radio Radio Osijek i Osječka televizija.

List of held presentations (in Croatian):