SST 2020

On Wednesday, October 14, 2020, the workshop "Smart technologies for sustainable agriculture" was successfully held, organized as part of the scientific conference SST 2020, Osijek. The workshop was organized hybridly, i.e. it was possible to watch live in the hotel "Osijek" and online. The workshop was attended by many interested people from the academic and professional community. 

The following presentations were held at the workshop:

Ivana Podnar Žarko and Vlatko Galić

  • IoT-field: project overview and initial results (ppt)
    • Ivana Podnar Žarko and Vlatko Galić presented a view of the project from a technical and agronomic perspective with an overview of the initial results.

Damjan Katušić, Pavle Skočir, Mario Kušek and Igor Čavrak

  • Survey on Low Power Wide Area Networks in IoT
    • Pavle Skočir presented communication technologies with the potential of application in agriculture.

Krešimir Grgić, Drago Žagar, Josip Balen and Jelena Vlaović

  • Internet of Things in Smart Agriculture - Possibilities and Challenges
    • Krešimir Grgić described the role of the Internet of Things in precision agriculture and the opportunities that open up with the implementation of the Internet of Things in agriculture, but also the challenges that arise.

Jelena Vlaović, Josip Balen, Krešimir Grgić, Drago Žagar, Vlatko Galić, and Domagoj Šimić

  • An Overview of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurement Process, Meters and Methods
    • Josip Balen gave an overview of the process of measuring chlorophyll fluorescence, the necessary measuring instruments and methods.

Igor Hrovatič

  • FAIRhare, i2connect & WiseFarmer EU projects - Strong driver on Farmers digitalization
    • Igor Hrovatič, Head of the Slovenian Advisory Service at the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, presented the European Union projects “FAIRhare”, “i2connect” and “WiseFarmer” providing a consulting perspective in agriculture.